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As a specialist division of Kirwans, Motor Law is a bespoke service dedicated in defending motorists across the UK who fall foul of the Road Traffic laws.

Offering a specialised and personal legal service to anybody who is alleged to have committed a driving offence, our team provide expert advice at an affordable price.

Instructing the right legal team to represent you is crucial. The services of experienced motoring solicitors can make the difference between being legally permitted to drive and being permanently banned from driving.

Our team of motor law experts includes Higher Court Advocates; this means that we can personally represent you in the Crown Court, unlike many other solicitors who can only personally represent their client’s in the Magistrates Court.

The ability to drive can often be essential for employment and everyday life, the risks of losing a licence can have far reaching consequences. Our Motor Law service provides you with the legal support you need through the different stages of your case.

From providing initial free advice on the prospects of your case, providing defence representation at court, entering into negotiations with the Police and/or Crown Prosecution Service or making the necessary submissions to the Court to avoid disqualifications, our motor law experts are here for you.

Motor Law provides legal advice and representation in relation to all driving offences in England and Wales.

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Motor Law

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What our clients say...

I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to the [Just Motor Law] team, for the hard work and professionalism they demonstrated in a very difficult time for myself and family. Not only for his excellent advice and clear direction, but for his representation that allowed me to keep my ADI badge.

I can highly recommend Kirwans to anybody looking for great advice and full support.

Mr Scott

I'd like to thank [Just Motor Law] for your help yesterday, I feel you got me the very best outcome possible and put me at ease from the start and that is very much appreciated.

Mr T. Shannon

As a private hire taxi driver, I rely on my income to provide for my family. In an emergency situation I was forced to drive my partner’s vehicle without insurance and the Magistrate’s court imposed six points. Although I did explain the extenuating and unusual circumstances to the Council taxi Licensing Panel, they subsequently revoked my taxi licence.

I approached [Just Motor Law] for assistance in appealing the revocation. However, they advised me to appeal my sentence and they successfully argued in the Crown Court that given the emergency, I should have the points removed. In those circumstances the Panel agreed to give me my taxi licence back without having to go to appeal.

I can now put this nightmare behind me and get my life back on track. I would recommend Just Motor Law to everyone in the future.

A Jones