Speeding Calculator

Speeding Fine Calculator

If you've been caught speeding it can be daunting to know what penalty to expect. By entering the speed you were alleged to have been doing and the speed limit in the area, the Just Motor Law calculator will tell you the penalties you could receive if found guilty.

So What Next?

Regardless of the outcome there may circumstances that our Motor Law team can help with. To find out how we can help with your speeding offence, get in touch with a member of our team, particularly where the Court may impose disqualification.

Speeding penalties can vary and will be based on various criteria. This speeding calculator has been designed to offer guidance only. Please consult a motoring law specialist.

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Just Motor Law - Drink Driving Offences FAQs

Did you know that drink driving is a criminal offence? Exceeding the legal alcohol limit and getting behind the wheel of any vehicle is a serious offence and comes with penalties that can significantly impact on your day to day life.

In this free guide our team of motoring law specialists tackle the most frequently asked legal
questions regarding drink driving offences.

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Just Motor Law - 10 Motoring Offences You May Not Know You Are Committing

See a list of 10 potentially suprising motoring offences you may not have known you were committing.

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