Stamp Duty - How has it changed?

By Jasper Dawson at 00:00

There was a time when Stamp Duty payable on the purchase of the property was simple in that there was a fixed percentage payable on all types of property if the purchase price exceeded a threshold which was intermittently raised with inflation.


Insuring Your Property on Exchange

By Christopher Courtenay at 00:00

Another question I am often asked.... Why do I need to insure my property on the exchange of contracts instead of the date of completion? Good question. It can be a common misconception with buyers of property that a Conveyancer actually acts for the mortgage lender as well as them.


No Fault Divorce - Could this be happening at last?

By Paul Hunt at 00:00

The Times has reported that the Justice Minister has indicated a commitment to put a bill before Parliament to introduce ‘no-fault divorce’ “sometime after May this year”. Presently, the grounds for divorce (and for dissolution of a civil partnership) are essentially as set out in the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973.


Will Commercial Property Go Out With a Bang ?

By Lisa Evans at 00:00

We are already two months into the last year of the decade. A decade which has seen so much happen in the Commercial Property world. What is in store for 2019? Investment in Commercial Property continued to increase over 2018 as did demand for Commercial Space.


Bogus Law Firms: How to avoid them

By Hannah Aistrop at 10:00

Residential conveyancing is an area of law which is a common target for fraudsters setting up a bogus law firm. A bogus firm is a firm who is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and pretends to be entitled to provide reserved legal activities or call themselves solicitors. This is a criminal offence and the reports of such incidents being reported are rising.