No More Meal Tickets

By Paul Hunt at 00:00

In a recent high profile case, the court made a decision as to the continuation of “spousal maintenance” (in other words financial support between the adults as distinct from child support) this would suggest that the court is taking more of a hard line view on these matters.


It has recently been revealed that there will be changes to the law on smacking children in some parts of the UK. This has lead to some discussion about what constitutes as smacking, what is the legal position and how this can impact parents.


Universal Credit - Another Problem?

By Paul Hunt at 16:00

We have heard a lot in recent news about Universal Credits, mostly from the point of view of delay in implementing payments to new claimants. Something which has had rather less publicity is the effect that the transition from Universal Credits from other forms of benefit can have upon spousal maintenance, i.e. support payments made between the adults as distinct from child support.


Before you say “I do”

By Hannah Bibby at 15:00

Hear the term "prenup" and it may just conjure up images of A-list celebrities, star-studded weddings - or their subsequently messy divorces - but the reality is that prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular amongst couples who may not have millions sitting in the bank.


Latest statistics show that for every three victims of domestic abuse, two will be female, one will be male. Alarmingly, these figures are the equivalent of 2.2 million male victims. One in six men suffers from domestic abuse in their lifetime. So, why is it that male domestic violence remains one of the greatest taboo subjects in modern day society?