Judicial Review

Judicial Review

From time to time, decisions made by public bodies can potentially have a negative effect or outcome on someone. These decisions can be challenged in a court of law by a process known as ‘judicial review’.

At Kirwans, we have vast experience in handling such cases with care and precision including those dealing with cases against bodies such as local authorities, school governing bodies, Government departments, the Police, DEFRA,  Quangos and Regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission.

When any public body, national or local, makes a decision which can affect the service they provide, they are legally obligated to ensure this is within the law and that the correct decision-making process has been followed.  Failing to do so can cause any ensuing decisions to be unlawful and therefore open to challenge.

With over 40 years experience, David Kirwan leads a team of robust litigators. With Kirwans you have access to a wealth of experience in all types of judicial review claims. From challenging the decision process to build bus stops outside of properties, local authority plans to regulate ‘busking’ in town centres, to scrutinising the procedures followed by Local Councils in complex tender bids for the purchase of commercial property.

We understand that maintaining control of your legal costs is important to you when undertaking a judicial review case. There are numerous ways that a case can be funded which your dedicated case handler will advise on, as well as ensuring that as a client you are kept up to date at all times regarding the progress and status of your case.

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Judicial Review

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