Accident in the Workplace

By Rosina Shafi at 16:00

Employers have a common law duty of care towards their employees to ensure they are safe whilst working.

If you have been involved in an accident at work, your employer may have breached that duty of care they hold towards you.

Accidents at work can result in injuries caused by defective work equipment, lifting injuries, the failure of your employer to provide personal protective equipment and to provide a safe place of work and also injuries caused by fellow employees. The accident may happen at your workplace, which can include:

• Offices

• Factories

• Heavy machinery operatives

• Hospitality industry

• Construction sites

• Shops/supermarkets

• Vehicle drivers

• Hospital

• School/College/University

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Rosina Shafi

Rosina Shafi , Assistant Solicitor

Rosina qualified as a solicitor in December 1998 and since then has worked for both claimant and defendant solicitors both in the private and public sector giving Rosina a broad range of experience on both sides of the fence.


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