Accidents at Work

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Accidents at work

When you are at work you expect to be in an environment where the proper measures have been taken by your employer to adhere to Statutory Duties to protect you, this statutory duty for employers applies to:

• Offices
• Factories
• Heavy machinery operatives
• Hospitality industry
• Construction sites
• Shops/supermarkets

Workplace injuries across all industries in the UK equate to a substantial number as seen in recent research HSE.

Suffering from an accident in the workplace due to employer negligence can be a traumatic experience and could mean that you have suffered from an injury which affects your day to day life and affects your ability to work. But you could be eligible for 80% financial compensation to assist you in your recovery and to ease the financial burden of having to take time out of work.

The most common workplace accidents can include:
- Manual Handling
- Slips and Trips
- Injuries caused by fellow employees
- Injuries caused by workplace equipment 

What steps should you take if you have had a workplace accident?

If you have an accident in the workplace, you should:

1. Make sure you record any injury in the workplace 'accident book'.
2. If required, make sure your employer has reported it to the HSENI.
3. Check with your contract or written statement of employment for information relating to sick or accident pay.
4. If there is a dispute, try to sort it out with your employer as soon as possible.

Key questions for accidents in the workplace

  • Who is responsible for health and safety at work?

Employers have a common law duty of care towards their employees to ensure they are safe whilst working and to minimize the chances of accidents at work. There is a wide range of legislation in place such as Provision and Use Of Work Equipment Regulations, Work Place Regulations, Manual Handling Regulations, Control of Substances, Hazardous to Health Regulations, Personal Equipment Regulations and Working at Height Regulations, all of which are designed to ensure every employee is operating within as safe an environment as possible whilst at work.

  • If I am eligible for compensation for a workplace injury, will this be paid by my employer?

If you have sustained an injury as a result of an accident at work it can be understandably daunting to know where to begin in making a claim for compensation against your employer. What is important to be aware of is that your employer will/ should have workplace insurance which will cover them for having to pay for damages for workplace accidents if they have been found to be in breach of health and safety in the workplace.

  • Do employers have a responsibility to complete a risk assessment?

Your employer has a 'duty of care' to make sure your health, safety and welfare whilst at work is safe guarded. They should start with a risk assessment to spot possible health and safety hazards.

They have to appoint a 'competent person' with health and safety responsibilities -usually one of the owners in smaller firms, or a member of staff trained in health and safety.

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