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David Kirwan

David Kirwan

Senior Partner

0151 608 9078

Summary of current role/areas of expertise

David is a Senior Partner of Kirwans. He has 45 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the firm. 

David is a Higher Court Advocate (Crime & Civil) representing individuals and businesses in the conduct of commercial, partnership and business disputes as well as regulatory and licensing cases.

He is passionate about farming and the environment and has a reputation as being the ‘go-to’ lawyer within the agricultural community and always travels with his wellies in the boot of his car. 

David is committed in his pursuit of justice for his clients. He takes great pride in representing those who find themselves without a voice.

In addition to legal practice at the ‘coal face’ he is actively involved in the business and growth strategy across the firm. David takes a ‘hands on’ approach in practice management and assists in the professional development of our future lawyers. He is committed to client care and continuously looks to excel in the delivery of legal services. 

Career History

Admitted July 1969 David became a Partner in the Firm founded by his father C H Kirwan in 1947. He was appointed an Immigration judge in 1979 and Senior and Managing Partner of Kirwans in 1982.


Liverpool University
Wallasey Grammar School

Joined Kirwans


Professional Highlight

As a robust litigator David has been involved in some of the UK’s most prolific legal battles.

In 2006, he became engaged in one of the most notorious murder cases in British history, the Moors Murders. He represented Winnie Johnson, the mother of Keith Bennett, the only victim whose body has not yet been recovered from Saddleworth Moors. He appealed on TV to the serial killer, Ian Brady, to reveal the whereabouts of her son’s body. David visited Brady twice at Ashworth high security hospital with the support from the former Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Mike Todd. Brady to this day refuses to disclose any information as to the whereabouts of his victim’s body which only reinforces the belief that this is a man without conscience and without one drop of remorse. 

David's involvement in the 2004 case of Bill and Wendy Ainscow would become the adaptation for the acclaimed TV drama, ‘Mysterious Creatures’. Together with his wife Julie, they became professionally involved in this case which saw the couple struggle to cope with the demands of their autistic daughter. The disorder meant she needed increasing amounts of financial support and drove her parents to desperate measures including the suicide by drowning of her father. The 2006 TV drama documented the family’s struggle.

David was very pleased to conduct the recent Judicial Review case of the street buskers v. Liverpool City Council which resulted in the Council abandoning its draconian plans to regulate the street entertainers.

As a former TT/Manx Grand Prix rider David successfully combines his hobby of motorcycle racing with his career. In 1996, the year that he retired from racing, he competed in the Junior 350cc. Shortly after the race David legally represented a fellow competitor at a Stewards Appeal who had been disqualified from 2nd place for alleged dangerous riding in the Lightweight 250cc Race held that morning. He was successful.

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