How to Choose the Right Motoring Solicitor?

Choosing the Right Motoring Solicitor

Our Motor Law Department launched in 2011 as a specialist division of Kirwans. The market place has changed significantly over the past five years and there is now a growing trend in law firms branching out into this niche area of law. A competitive market can have its advantages, providing increased options when it comes to choosing legal representation and price point. But for a motorist accused of committing a driving offence it can also make the selection of the most appropriate motoring solicitor rather daunting.

Here are our top five tips to consider when making the important decision of which motor law specialist to instruct;

1) The “celebrity” motoring solicitor may not be the answer

As consumers we can often be attracted to services that are favoured by celebrities. However, when it comes to the legal fees you could be left with a hefty bill for the same level of service with a more competitively priced legal team.

It is important to remember that although the solicitor may publicise their celebrity clients and cases, or vice versa, it does not reflect the quality and experience of the legal representation. We are regularly instructed by clients from all walks of life who simply want matters to be dealt with professionally and with the utmost discretion.

As with any professional service, it is important to research your options and make an informed decision based on expertise rather than the appeal of 'celebrity' status.

2) The most expensive motoring solicitor isn’t necessarily the best

Sometimes the higher price tag doesn’t necessarily result in a higher standard of service. Legal fees can fluctuate for motoring representation so it is essential to do your pricing homework from the outset and find the best legal representation which is affordable for your circumstances.

We believe that it is important to have an honest and transparent relationship with clients. It is important that you feel comfortable with your legal team so you can call them if you have any questions throughout your motoring case. Give yourself enough time to contact reputable motoring solicitors, obtain quotes and speak to the team who will be handling your case. 

Don’t be afraid to discuss legal fees and how they have been calculated otherwise the financial implications could be significant. Any reputable legal practice will openly discuss its fee structure with you and explain what is and isn’t included.

From an early stage it is essential to exercise your right to ask questions. Every question or concern you have about your motoring case is relevant and important and your legal team should guide you through these.

If you have done your homework and found a motoring solicitor that will offer you the best quality legal representation at a suitable price for you, you have peace of mind that you have taken every step to protect your licence.

3) Fixed Fee Clarity

Be careful when it comes to ‘fixed fees’. You need to be aware of what is covered in any quoted fixed fee as it may not include all the legal support you require to keep your driving licence. It is important to make sure that your motoring solicitor gives you a full break down of potential costs. Remember fees can vary depending upon the circumstances of your case and what representation you need, for example, guilty plea only, interim hearings, representation at trial or a sentence hearing and/or obtaining experts’ reports.

If you do not have this information from the outset then you could face spiraling legal fees. Ask the relevant questions before making an agreement. It is important to remember that as the client you have the choice about your legal representation.

4) Understand the prospects of your case

A good motoring solicitor should provide initial advice on the realistic outcomes of your motoring case at no cost. Their legal expertise will be able to identify from the initial information you provide, what is potentially achievable based on the circumstances. But remember, it is only when you feel confident and comfortable with the motoring solicitor should you agree to the legal representation.

5) Sometimes you should just plead guilty!

If you have pleaded guilty to a motoring offence it doesn’t necessarily mean that you no longer require legal help. Expert legal representation can provide a more favourable outcome for you. A guilty plea can sometimes be an effective way to avoid a disqualification from driving, which is why it is crucial to seek guidance as early as possible so any complexities can be effectively managed. 

Choosing the right solicitor can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. What’s vitally important is that you have access to all of the information you need to be able to make an informed decision on the legal support you need.

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