Police Station Representation

Police Station Representation

Being arrested for an alleged motoring offence can be a daunting experience. How you deal with a Police interview can have lasting consequences and can often make the difference as to whether or not further action is taken by the Police.

It is important to remember that by seeking legal advice from the outset you can help to ensure that any complexities and potential implications are effectively managed. Having access to expert advice can bring peace of mind at a time when you face uncertainty and concerns for what lies ahead.

You have the expertise available to guide you through the interview process with our commitment to ensuring the best possible outcome.

Our team of leading solicitors are on hand to attend an interview with you and will liaise with the Police to obtain disclosure of what they wish to discuss. This will ensure that we have all the information available to advise you accordingly.

We support our clients throughout the interview stage and beyond and will ensure that the correct interview procedures are adhered to and that the questions asked are appropriate. Where required we can also make bail representations to the Police following the interview.

If you have already attended a Police interview without a solicitor and bailed to return to the Police station at a later date, our motor law experts can attend with you when you answer your bail as you may be re-interviewed. 

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