A motoring offence conviction can have significant repercussions and can be life changing.
However, wrongful convictions can, and do, happen. If you feel that you have been wrongly convicted of a motoring offence there are options to explore if you wish to appeal against the conviction or sentence.

Our Motor Law service provides you with access to leading representation from qualified motoring solicitors. From the outset we will advise on the prospects of your case and what steps, if any, can be taken to appeal your conviction in the Crown Court.

Appeals are a complex area of law therefore it is vital to seek advice from specialist motoring solicitors to ensure the appeal is correctly presented. Our aim is to successfully overturn the conviction which will result in any penalties previously imposed being removed.

How does the appeal process work?

If you have been convicted in the Magistrates Court, then the appeal would be heard at the Crown Court.

You have an automatic right to appeal your conviction and/or sentence within 21 days of the date you were found guilty in the Magistrates Court.

In appealing, your case would be heard again by an experienced Crown Court Judge as well as two Magistrates. This trial will be a very different experience compared to the Magistrates Court hearing, which is compiled of local volunteer Magistrates with no legal qualifications.

The prospects of overturning your conviction will be increased by ensuring you have expert representation at the appeal hearing.

Our team of motor law experts includes Higher Court Advocates, this means that we can personally represent you in the Crown Court, unlike many other solicitors who can only personally represent their client’s in the Magistrates Court. In addition we work closely with expert barristers who can also represent our clients at appeal hearings.

There are cases where drivers have been convicted of an offence as a result of a mistake, or were unaware of the case against them. In such circumstances it is possible for the case to be re-heard. Although this is not technically an ‘appeal’, re-opening your case would result in effectively starting again and would provide the opportunity to present a robust defence before the Court.

Remember, by seeking legal advice from the outset you can help to ensure that any complexities and potential implications are effectively managed.

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