Register of Approved Driving Instructor Appeals

Appeal (Driving Instructor) Approved Driving Instructor Registrar Decisions

Register of Approved Driving Instructor Appeals

Our specialist team at Just Motor Law can provide you with assistance and representation if you disagree with the Approved Driving Instructor Registrar decision to:

1) refuse  to enter or keep your name on the register
2) remove your name from the register
3) refuse to give you a trainee licence
4) remove your trainee licence
5) refuse to extend your trainee licence
6) refuse you compensation if you were suspended as an ADI

Where appropriate we can assist you in making written representations to the Registrar inviting him to reconsider the decision.

Our team can also advise you and attend to represent you at an appeal against the Registrar’s decision to the Transport Tribunal.

An appeal must be lodged within different time limits:

1) 14 days if you’re a trainee instructor appealing about a registration decision
2) 28 days if you’re an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) appealing about a registration decision
3) 28 days if you’re appealing about a compensation claim

A disqualification from driving within the previous 4 years or receiving 9 live penalty points endorsed on your driving licence would preclude your registration.

The statutory test that will be applied will be whether you are a “fit and proper person" to have your name entered in the register. We can assist you in preparing written representations for the Registrar or in making persuasive representations at the appeal with the aim of demonstrating that you are indeed fit and proper to have your name entered in the register.
We can also advise you on the merits of appealing the decision of the First-Tier Tribunal if your appeal has been refused. This would be by way of an appeal to the Upper Tribunal and can be made where the tribunal:

1) Applied the law incorrectly
2) Conducted the proceedings in breach of the proper procedures
3) Failed to give adequate reasons for it’s decision


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What our clients say...

I instructed Just Motor Law in relation to an offence of failing to identify the driver and was told from the very early stages in my proceedings that I had a good case.  As advised, my case was dropped on the day of trial following Matt's excellent representation in court.  I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and business associates.  Thank you so much.

M Campbell

I was recently faced with the daunting prospect of a court hearing up against two Police Officers for allegedly using a mobile phone whilst driving.  However I need not have worried, as with the help and guidance of Mr Reynolds I won my case and was also awarded costs, which meant I recovered back my legal fees.

G. Lambert

I had 4 offences of failing to identify the driver all of which carry a punishment of 6 penalty points for each offence.  After many months of pressure being placed on the CPS for their evidence, all 4 offences were dropped at court by the prosecution.  I am so happy with the advice and representation received from Natali and Matt.  Without them I would have been disqualified from driving for 6 months, would have lost my job and been unable to pay my mortgage! 

J. Mee