Contravening a Traffic Signal, Sign or Road Marking

Contravening a Traffic Signal, Sign or Road Marking

Being accused of going through a red light, or contravening traffic signs or road markings, are becoming increasingly common offences.

These offences are detected by the alleged observations of a Police Officer and/or by means of camera devices. As with any equipment, errors can occur and people can make genuine mistakes.

If found guilty of a traffic sign, road markings or traffic light offence, you could face a fine and penalty points on your driving licence.

With our Motor Law team you have access to a specialist team of solicitors who will guide you through the complexities of the law. Our aim is simple; to establish a defence and save your driving licence.

Traffic signs or devices provide warnings and/or information on our roads. Rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety of road users. If these regulations are contravened you could find yourself being prosecuted for an offence.

The most commonly contravened include:
• Traffic Lights – For example, driving through a red light signal
• Road Signs – For example, disregarding a give way or no entry sign 
• Road Markings – For example, disregarding single or double white lines

Technology is now in place for most traffic signals that records the details of vehicles that contravene red light signals. If caught on camera you will be contacted about the alleged offence. If the Police say that they have witness you committing one of these offences, you could face a fixed penalty notice at the scene.

The penalties vary depending upon the unique circumstances of your case.

Penalties can include:
• Three points on your driving licence or the Magistrates have the discretion to disqualify you from driving for up to 56 days depending on the seriousness of the offence;
• A fine of up to £1000;
• If you have been driving for two years or less and have three points on your licence and you receive three more, then your licence would be revoked and you would have to retake your test;
• If you already have nine or more points on your licence then you will tot up to 12 points and the Magistrates will consider disqualifying you from driving for a minimum of six months unless there are special reasons not to impose the points or a disqualification would cause exceptional hardship. If either of these arguments apply then the Court may reconsider the penalties. Our team of motor law experts will present the strongest defence and request the Court not to ban you even if you are convicted of the offence.

Contravening a traffic signal, sign or road marking could open you up to allegations of Careless or Dangerous Driving if it impacts upon your driving ability to a sufficient extent.

What happens next?

We pride ourselves on approaching each case with the greatest tenacity, with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome for our clients in all circumstances.

Our team of motor law experts understand that not everyone is guilty of the offences of which they are accused and we pride ourselves on identifying where mistakes have occurred and preparing the strongest case possible to protect your driving licence.

There are a number of defences which can be explored depending upon the circumstances of the offence. For example, you may have had to contravene a red light to avoid an accident.

Errors can happen, for example, the Police may have been mistaken in their observations or the camera device or traffic light was not fit for purpose.

Our Just Motor Law team are experts in presenting legal defences to traffic light offences, representing clients throughout the UK.

It is important to remember that by seeking legal advice from the outset you can help to ensure that any complexities and potential implications are effectively managed. Having access to expert advice can bring peace of mind at a time when you face uncertainty and concerns for what lies ahead.

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