New long-range speed cameras are now being used in the UK and could be rolled out across the country. Be warned as they can catch you committing various offences! In the UK there are now a set of speed cameras which operate at much longer range than the cameras we are used to. As a result, they can spot you committing driving offences from over one kilometre away. This means that you could be caught


Leak Sheds Light on Criminal Finances Act

By Thomas Hanlon at 15:00

The ‘Paradise papers’ revelations have once again placed a spotlight on the world of offshore finance and the use of complex structures to shield cash away from higher taxes. Whilst the media swoop in on the high profile celebrities exposed in the leaked papers, the companies who provide the financial advisory services to them also face public scrutiny.


Driving with a Dog in the Car

By Frank Rogers at 00:00

Do you take your dog out in the car with you? Is the dog unrestrained? Did you know that this could mean that you are in breach of The Highway Code & could be prosecuted for careless driving?


Getting rid of the multi-tasking mindset

By Solicitor at 00:00

We all know what it’s like to be short on time. But over the past few months we’ve seen an increased number of stressed-out drivers applying make-up, programming their sat-nav, and even shaving while on the move, in a desperate bid to save some time.


Well, I would suggest a pause for thought. Did you know that the offence of Perverting the Course of Justice (POCJ) can be committed after the Police issue a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP), following an allegation of a minor motoring offence such as speeding?