Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Marriage is an exciting time for any couple and protecting what you have worked hard for in the future can be easy to overlook when you’re enjoying the present with your loved ones.

However, with an average 125,000 British couples divorcing each year, and with the courts ordering significant levels of financial settlements, taking the right precautions to protect your assets from the outset should never be underestimated.

With Kirwans, you have access to a legal team that understands the complexities such agreements can bring. Our experts will guide you through your legal journey to ensure you have taken the steps to protect your future.

We understand that pre-nuptial agreements can be a sensitive subject matter to discuss with a loved one, but in the event that the marriage breaks down, or there is a change in circumstances, a pre-nuptial agreement can be a suitable provision in protecting any financial assets.

Our trained specialist team will advise you on an agreement to best suit your needs and will outline how pre-identified assets will be shared if a relationship were to end.

Although pre-nuptial agreements are not legally binding, Courts are giving such agreements greater weight and take a number of factors into account including the intention of the parties and the validity of the agreements made.

At Kirwans, we understand the key points to be included in an agreement which will maximise the validity of your case. It is important that specialist legal advice is sought when entering into a pre-nuptial agreement to ensure your objectives are met and you have effectively protected any treasured assets.

We also recognise that being in control of your costs is important which is why we offer fixed fee options to give you peace of mind. 

With Kirwans you have the expertise to guide you along this legal journey.

To find out more about pre-nuptial agreements, contact a member of our Family team today on 0151 608 9078 or complete our online enquiry form.

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