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Magistrates' Court Lawyers

The Magistrates' Court is where almost all criminal court cases start, and where more than 90% will be completed.

The more serious offences are passed on to the Crown Court, either for sentencing or a full trial with a judge and jury.

At Kirwans, our criminal defence team have a wealth of experience in representing clients in the Magistrates' Court, with expertise in minor offences, such as Public Order offences, to the more serious matters of major public disturbance together with serious assaults.

The Magistrates' Court deal with three kinds of cases:

  • Summary offences. These are considered less serious cases. This can include motoring offences and minor assaults
  • Either-way offences. These can be dealt with either by Magistrates or at the Crown Court. Either-way offences can include theft and handling stolen goods. Magistrates can decide that a case is so serious that it should be dealt with in the Crown Court. This can impose tougher sentences if the defendant is found guilty.
  • Indictable-only offences. These are serious matters. This includes offences such as murder, manslaughter, rape and robbery. These must be heard at a Crown Court.

The Magistrates team is supported by a dedicated group of case workers to ensure that no stone is left unturned in relation to the preparation of your case.

Our approach is simple; we provide clients with expert advice to achieve the best possible outcome.

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