Inheritance Act Claims

Inheritance Lawyers

The Inheritance Act allows certain qualifying individuals to make claims seeking reasonable financial provision from the Estate in the event that they have not been provided for.

You may be able to make a claim if:

• You are the wife, husband or civil partner of the person who died;
• You are a former wife, husband or civil partner who has not since remarried or formed another civil partnership;
• You are a child of the person who died;
• You are a person treated as a child of the person who died;
• You lived with the person who died for at least two years before the death; or
• You were financially supported by the person who died up until the death.

Inheritance Act Claims can be daunting and it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure that you have reasonable grounds to make a claim and that you are clear on what the legal process will be. There is often a deadline for a matter of months so it is important to act promptly.

We are on hand to guide you through any complexities and to provide you with expertise and peace of mind.

If you are an executor or beneficiary of a Will that an individual is contesting, our team have vast experience in this area of law and can assist you.

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