Tom Hanlon

With the globalisation of social media and the Smartphone being the ever present medium by which news is accessed; key influencers such as newspapers, websites, magazines, bloggers, freelance journalists and broadcasters bombard us with a constant stream of articles and posts. But sometimes a unique story breaks through the noise which captures the public’s attention and raises important questions and debates. An example of this can be seen with an emotive, divisive and perplexing criminal trial in the North West. In brief, a female defendant posed as a male (allegedly creating an alter ego) and engaged in a sexual relationship with a female. The fundamental confusion in this case - based on the national press coverage and social media activity across Facebook and Twitter - comes down to the basic question, whether the complainant consented?


Putting the Brakes on Speeding Cyclists

By Tom Hanlon at 00:00

Since the Olympics in 2012 and a certain ‘lycra clad kid from Kilburn’ winning the Tour de France, more and more people have taken to the roads on their bicycles to pursue their new found hobby. Now the new generation of ‘Wiggo wannabes’ are exhausting their bank accounts on the latest in lightweight and aerodynamic technology in an attempt to emulate their cycling heroes.


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