The new BBC drama Care staring the brilliant Sheridan Smith aired on Sunday telling the story of a family struggling to cope with the effects of their mother (Mary) suffering an acute stroke which results in loss of capacity, both physically and mentally.


Conversations to have with your Parents

By Claire Currie at 10:00

As a private client solicitor, I see people from all walks of life who realise the importance of making plans for the future. There remains, however, one group of individuals who appear to feel disconnected from the problems that older age can bring; The Young. Anecdotal evidence points to the fact that anxieties over Brexit, an ever-widening gap between house prices and salaries, and a belief that there’s no point planning for an uncertain future are leading to an avoidance by 20, 30 and 40-somethings of making vital long-term plans.


The Lasting Powers of Attorney

By Jasper Dawson at 00:00

The dangers associated with Powers of Attorney have been in the news recently as eminent Judge Lush expressed his personal concerns about the 'risks' posed by the creation of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), claiming they were fraught with opportunities for abuse.


ITV’s Emmerdale Shines Light on Dementia

By Annie Thomas at 00:00

The current storyline on the popular ITV soap Emmerdale has touched the hearts of the nation and shed light and awareness on the damaging impact of dementia. We have been captivated by Emmerdale Actor John Middleton’s portrayal of the resident vicar Ashley Thomas since he entered our screens in 1996 and we are now witnessing the effects of onset dementia on not only Ashley Thomas himself, but on those around him.


There's a first time for everything

By Solicitor at 00:00

Providing the legal support for first time home buyers is an absolute pleasure. I meet people of all ages and at different stages of life who have decided to take that first step on the property ladder. It often comes as somewhat of a surprise when I mention the word “Will” to them. The thrill of their property purchase takes the drivers seat as do discussions, or arguments as the case may be, on colour charts, wallpaper and what furniture to buy! Many first time buyers are young couples at a very pivotal stage in their relationship, the property purchase is their next big step together and a Will is the last thing on their mind. But with one in six couples that live together being unmarried, we need to break down the misconception that Wills only need to be made in later life