New Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims

By Michael Howarth at 00:00

In recent years the law has evolved in a way which encourages parties to resolve their disputes without the need for court proceedings. Pre-Action Protocols provide guidance as to the conduct expected from the parties prior to a claim being issued and failure to comply with the Protocols can have costs consequences for those in breach. Any business seeking to recover a debt from an individual from 1 October 2017 should ensure that they are compliant with the new Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims.


Landlords of Liverpool have just over one week left to sign up for a compulsory licence that they will need to have in place to allow them to continue to let private property. The licence process must be commenced before the upcoming deadline of 1st April 2015. Failure to do so could lead to landlords facing fines and having to pay administration fees.


Britain's Benefit Tenants' Provokes Debate

By Danielle Hughes at 00:00

Channel 4’s airing of ‘Britain’s Benefit Tenants’ on 16th March about the lack of social housing was bound to cause a stir and if provoking debate was the aim of producers, they certainly succeeded in getting people talking.


Today heralds a new era for Civil Litigation as the Ministry of Justice introduces significantly increased Court fees for those seeking justice and compensation through the Civil Courts.


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