Lisa Evans

Hi Ho,Hi Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go!

By Lisa Evans at 00:00

That's right folks it’s back to business. Just weeks after the big vote, post-election fever is upon us. Will we see a buoyant and thriving commercial property market that the Conservatives so openly campaigned for?


With just one day to go before the General Election, what do the various manifestos propose for our valuable SMEs? What are the promises and where will it all lead? From the creation of the Small Business Association to the crackdown on poor payments by big companies being proposed at least one thing is for sure there appears to be a realisation that SME’s play a vital role to the economy.


When buying your first home or indeed any home you will inevitably need a reliable solicitor, it is after all a daunting prospect and for most people the house is the biggest commitment and most expensive asset.