Lindsey Knowles

What are Restricted Covenants?

By Lindsey Knowles at 00:00

Restrictive covenants are essentially contractual clauses which restrain an employee from undertaking certain actions upon termination of employment.


The experience of one young woman sent home from the workplace for not wearing heels led to country-wide debate. The House of Commons recently discussed an e-petition relating to dress codes and high heels in the workplace. The e-petition, launched by Nicola Thorp, was signed by over 152,000 people, with many calling on the government to review the law and, if necessary, push for changes to it.


Uber, the well-known taxi-booking service, can no longer classify its drivers as self-employed, an employment tribunal ruled last week. The case has been described as a test case not only for the business model of ride-hailing firm Uber, but for the whole so-called "gig economy".


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