The Global Law Summit

By Jeremy Hawthorn at 00:00

This spring we are celebrating 800 years since King John, founder of the city of Liverpool, signed the Magna Carta into law and paved the way for democracy. That momentous meeting in Runnymede, an insignificant floodplain just off the M25, is now marked by a parade for the great and good in Central London. A Global Law Summit, no less.


Safeguarding Children In Police Custody

By Solicitor Advocate at 11:15

Throughout 2014, the Government came under immense scrutiny and criticism in the way it differentiated between the treatment of children aged 16 compared to those aged 17 years old in the rights and treatment received whilst in custody at police stations.


Many people are asking for advice in relation to a new type of order that is being applied for in the Magistrates Court. They are called Domestic Violence Prevention Orders and came into force in late 2014. There is concern that the orders are being imposed upon individuals without them having been convicted or even charged with criminal offences.


Serious About Proceeds Of Crime Act

By Criminal Solicitor at 15:09

The House of Commons rung in the New Year on the 5th January with the second reading of the Serious Crime Bill, a seriously serious Bill with the aim of ensuring that law enforcement agencies have effective legal powers to bring to justice serious and organised crime.