Landlord Seminar Series

Landlord Legal Update: Tenant Evictions

On Wednesday 27th September Kirwans is hosting a practical and informative seminar for landlords and property agents.

About the seminar

The legal landscape for landlords and tenants has undergone significant reform. As we approach the second year anniversary of the key regulations governing the sector, we will be reflecting on what has changed and how to deal with the new challenges ahead.

Evicting a tenant can be a difficult process. As a landlord, protection is key to ensure you are not faced with potentially complex and expensive errors.

The legislative changes now provide tenants with various defences and multiple new grounds to challenge the eviction which can lead to huge costs and delays in recovering possession of your property.

In the first of our Landlord Seminar Series, Associate Solicitor and landlord legal expert, Danielle Hughes, will be discussing the eviction process, with a focus on Section 21 notices and the accelerated possession procedure. She will provide guidance on the changes and the legal responsibilities for landlords and agents.

We are delighted to also welcome representatives from ERC Accountants. We will be joined by Director, Mark Wrigglesworth, who will focus on the changes and impact of landlord taxation.

What will I learn?

  • Legal guidance on regulatory changes that will impact a landlord’s right to recover possession of their property;
  • Advice on the steps you can take to ensure that you do not fall foul of the regulations;
  • Guidance on the potential legal defences open to tenants should court proceedings unfold;
  • How to be one step ahead when it comes to “retaliation evictions”;
  • An understanding of landlord tax changes, and how they can impact you.

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