Your Business Commercially

Your Business Commercially

You will receive the benefit of advice from our Just Business team on the following:

Terms and Conditions

  • Have your terms and conditions been notified to your clients before you agreed to do business with them?  If not, your terms and conditions will not form part of your contracts with clients and will be ineffective
  • Do your staff know what to do if they receive terms and conditions from your clients?  If not, then your clients’ terms and conditions could apply instead of yours
  • How can your terms and conditions make sure you get paid if your clients default?
  • Can your terms and conditions help you get your goods back if your clients default?

Your Contracts with Clients and Suppliers

  • Are you sure you fully understand what you are signed up to?  The devil is in the detail.
  • What are the limits of your liability if something goes wrong?
  • Can you get out of a bad contract, for example by giving notice?  Is there a long enough period for your business to adjust if your client or supplier gives you notice?

Contracts with Consumers

  • Are you aware of all the new rights consumers have since the Consumer Rights Act 2015?  Your terms and conditions will be void if you do not comply.
  • Are you compliant with new consumer rights for selling via the internet?
  • Failure to comply with the GDPR will lead to increasingly heavy penalties

Internal Contracts

  • You may have worked closely with the other owners/directors of your business for years with no problems, but what would happen if that working relationship broke down?  A Shareholders Agreement can provide a backstop that will reassure minority shareholders and assist with resolving disputes between shareholders

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