New Product Range

New Product Range

You will receive recommendations from our Just Business team on the following:

  • Intellectual Property 

It may be appropriate to register a Trade Mark for your brand including your logo either in the UK or the European Union – you should also consider Patents, Registered Designs and Domain Names.

  • What funding do you need

We could help you access appropriate funding.

  • Whether you should have a Franchise or License to sell overseas
  • Terms & Conditions 

These must be incorporated in any Contract you enter into or they are worthless. It is vital that they are not duplicated and combined together from other businesses in your sector but, are individual to your business requirements.

  • Website and app issues

Terms and Conditions need to be adapted for the sale of products by e-commerce. As a business you also need to consider Data Protection regulations and the new consumer laws covering distance selling.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

Do you have an agreement place to protect your confidential ideas?


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