Just Business Service Centre

Just Business Service Centre

Do you run your own business?

When did you last have someone check that all your paperwork is fully compliant and covers all essential business needs?

You would not neglect your own health but what about the health of your business?

You make sure your car is serviced regularly and, where appropriate pass its MOT Test, so why not the same for your company?

Well, you know that if you fail to do so then a small issue could become a major problem and invariably end up costing far more to put it right than it could have been.

Your business is no different and it is all too easy to spend all of your time:

  • Working in the business instead of on the business;
  • Trying to evolve the business;
  • Dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and third parties;
  • Battling with the ever growing burden of rules and regulations.

Whether you are just starting up or a business that is well established, why not get the Kirwans Just Business Team to review the whole basis on which your business is operating to make sure that this is fully compliant and that no hidden threats lurk in your paperwork that could damage your business.

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