Paul Hunt

Recent Case shows need for Clean Break Order

By Paul Hunt at 00:00

Divorce stories are ten a penny when it comes to ex-spouses at loggerheads but the latest case in the Supreme Court has seen a woman seeking financial support from her now-millionaire ex-husband – 20 years after their divorce was finalised.


Family Drug and Alcohol Courts Set To Expand

By Paul Hunt at 13:08

As Family lawyers we see every type of family setup and scenario passing through our doors and the Courts. This can often include cases involving parents with drug and alcohol abuse problems and the battle to obtain custody if there is proven abuse issues can be a long road to resolution.


Soap Opera Highlights Parent's Responsibility

By Paul Hunt at 14:00

Regular viewers of Coronation Street will know that hairdresser David Platt has not exactly always been the most innocent of characters having been involved in his fair share of bust-ups and brawls. But more recently it seems he is ditching his bad boy ways and putting estranged wife Kylie’s son Max as his priority and seeking the advice of a Family Law solicitor.


Charities Challenge Legal Aid Regulations

By Paul Hunt at 16:16

The High Court has recently dismissed an application made by domestic violence charities to change the regulations for domestic violence evidence used in applications by victims for Legal Aid.


When Should The State Pay For Representation?

By Paul Hunt at 13:13

There has been a considerable stirring of interest recently regarding a reported case which has suggested that in certain circumstances the state should pay for a person to be legally represented even though they did not qualify for Legal Aid.