Match My House was founded by Wirral resident Dan Thomas following his negative experiences of estate agents when buying a number of houses over the years.  He wanted to eliminate some of the stresses in the conveyancing process and also bring back some of the excitement into moving house.

From as little as £30 you can subscribe to the site as a seller and create your profile, the rest works very much the same as a dating site but instead of matching with your perfect partner you chose to connect with the seller of a house you like.  For potential buyers they can create a wishlist and let the sellers find them.   You can then message via the app and arrange to view a house, ask questions and even accept/make offers.  You also pay an additional fee as a seller to have your property advertised and highlighted as a featured property. 

It has been launched on the Wirral to start with but there are hopes that it will be launched throughout the rest of the UK in the future.

The benefit of the site is that you can communicate with any potential buyer/seller 24/7 rather than being limited to office hours, so in essence ‘cutting out the middle man’.  The service can be used alongside an estate agents or you can use solely the site to advertise and sell your property, eliminating the need for an estate agents and making potential savings on agent’s fees of 1000s.  However, some sellers/buyers will prefer to stick with estate agents as they can do all the chasing for them and they also have the ability to liaise with the Seller’s Solicitors and Buyer’s Solicitors which can provide a good ‘go between’.

So is Match My House the future of the Property Market or is this idea best left to the dating world?  Like with everything, you will always have some people who like to do things ‘old school’ and will stick with estate agents but there will also be people who want to embrace change and will welcome the thought of taking more control alongside saving money.



Hannah Aistrop , Legal Clerk

Hannah is a Legal Clerk within the Commercial Property Team.  Hannah deals with a wide range of work from commercial property purchases, sales, charges, leases to residential property cases for both companies and individuals.


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