Don't File a Personal Injury Claim Yourself

By James Barker at 13:13

If you've suffered from a Personal Injury, it can be tempting to think that you don’t need to instruct a solicitor to progress a claim for compensation.

But in my experience of successfully handling hundreds of Personal Injury cases, the process can often end up confusing clients who will then approach solicitors to pick up proceedings for the claim. I have recently taken on several claims in which the clients have originally decided to progress an injury claim themselves but have become lost and confused by the legal process of making a claim for damages.

These clients have become overwhelmed by the process and more often or not the other side’s Insurer or solicitors being evasive, non-co-operational and difficult to deal with.

With the vast majority of Solicitor’s firms taking up to 25% of a client’s damages, many telling them that they are at risk of having to pay costs if their claim is unsuccessful, and some Solicitor’s reluctance to take on claims which are not guaranteed winners it is not surprising that some clients originally decide to go it alone.

However, this can have consequences in a claim as lack of legal knowledge could prejudice their claim if it is not described and pleaded correctly at the outset. The Defendant and their representative will look to rely upon any inconsistencies and failure to adhere to the correct processes and procedures when looking to potentially defend a claim that is brought against them.

It is therefore important that you seek legal advice from a Solicitor before you look to progress a claim for damages as they will be able to guide you through the procedure and help you deal with making a Personal Injury claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.


James Barker

James Barker , Personal Injury Solicitor

James is responsible for the management and development of the Firm’s Personal Injury Department. He specialises in a wide range of Personal Injury matters including Accidents at Work, Employers Liability, Occupiers Liability and Highways Act claims.

James also deals with Road Traffic Accident claims and has experience of managing cases where there are issues relating to liability.


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