Winter Weather Prompts Warnings On Safety

By James Barker at 12:30

If the news is to be believed then the wintery weather we’re witnessing at the moment is showing no signs of disappearing!

And as a result, the cold snap makes roads and car parks and pathways extremely icy and can be precarious for people when walking out and about. When these types of areas become icy the users become susceptible to the risk of injury especially if steps are not taking such as icing and gritting.

During this time of year the number of accidents on highways and car parks increases dramatically. Under legislation both Local Authorities and owners of premises such as car parks, pathways have a duty to make sure that visitors are safe. This obligation can extend to ensuring that car parks, pathways and roads are gritted. Failure to take reasonable care can mean that they are potentially liable for any injuries that are sustained on their premises.

If you have been injured whilst out in bad weather conditions then you are potentially entitled to compensation and it is worthwhile seeking the advice of a Solicitor, preferably one which will ensure that you receive 100% compensation.  


James Barker

James Barker , Personal Injury Solicitor

James is responsible for the management and development of the Firm’s Personal Injury Department. He specialises in a wide range of Personal Injury matters including Accidents at Work, Employers Liability, Occupiers Liability and Highways Act claims.

James also deals with Road Traffic Accident claims and has experience of managing cases where there are issues relating to liability.


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