How David Bowie kept his legacy forever intact

By Annie Thomas at 00:00

Many have been shocked and saddened by David Bowie's passing. The world has lost an icon and a revered talent. His tragic death was a sobering reminder of the fragility of life and mortality. However, for an artist renowned for controlling his own destiny, he knew that his estate, established from over 40 years of artistic and commercial success, would need to be carefully managed in the event of his passing. Fortunately, he had the time to write a Will, thus protecting his family, friends and his artistic legacy forever.


Court ruling causes debate on future of wills

By Claire Currie at 00:00

Financial succession planning is often a primary motive for making a will. Having the opportunity to determine where your money goes upon death can bring reassurance and peace of mind that your wishes will be followed. However, a court ruling earlier this week has generated heated debate among legal scholars and the public as to whether the decision conflicts with the legal foundations and the desired purpose of making a will.


As Benjamin Franklin once said “in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes”, he was right! We will all have a funeral one day, there’s no escaping that fact.


There are a reported 800,000 people in the UK being diagnosed with dementia and it is predicted that 1 in 3 people will suffer from this illness in the future. It is likely that in our day to day life we will encounter someone with dementia and we need to collectively understand how to handle certain situations - so we don't demean or take away that person's dignity. At Kirwans we are undertaking a series of dementia awareness programs with Home Instead Wirral to further our understanding of the effects of dementia.


Wills - a worthwhile investment?

By Joanna Ryan at 00:00

In my experience no one takes any joy from planning for their death. It can be a necessary evil (similar to insurance!) but can provide peace of mind that your affairs are in order. The recent passing of British comedian Rik Mayall brought the issues of effective planning to the forefront yet again as it highlighted the importance of leaving a Will and also the financial benefits future planning can have.