Claire Currie

Conversations to have with your Parents

By Claire Currie at 10:00

As a private client solicitor, I see people from all walks of life who realise the importance of making plans for the future. There remains, however, one group of individuals who appear to feel disconnected from the problems that older age can bring; The Young. Anecdotal evidence points to the fact that anxieties over Brexit, an ever-widening gap between house prices and salaries, and a belief that there’s no point planning for an uncertain future are leading to an avoidance by 20, 30 and 40-somethings of making vital long-term plans.


Court ruling causes debate on future of wills

By Claire Currie at 00:00

Financial succession planning is often a primary motive for making a will. Having the opportunity to determine where your money goes upon death can bring reassurance and peace of mind that your wishes will be followed. However, a court ruling earlier this week has generated heated debate among legal scholars and the public as to whether the decision conflicts with the legal foundations and the desired purpose of making a will.


There are a reported 800,000 people in the UK being diagnosed with dementia and it is predicted that 1 in 3 people will suffer from this illness in the future. It is likely that in our day to day life we will encounter someone with dementia and we need to collectively understand how to handle certain situations - so we don't demean or take away that person's dignity. At Kirwans we are undertaking a series of dementia awareness programs with Home Instead Wirral to further our understanding of the effects of dementia.


As a Private Client solicitor dealing regularly with family disputes and fallouts, it’s not unusual for me to speak out about the importance of having the relevant and up to date planning in place should the worst happen.


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